Why you Need an Organic Chemistry Tutor

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Private tutoring, especially for a subject like organic chemistry is usually a must if you want to stay on top of the material and ultimately on top of the curve

Unlike your student-filled classroom, a private tutoring session will allow you to ask the specific questions that are giving you a difficult time. The session runs at your own pace and covers the material that you need to be answered. We can talk through the concepts to strengthen your foundation, dissect mechanisms to ensure you understand why each step happens, and work through your difficult homework assignments or practice exams

How to Schedule a Session

  • Let me know what day/time you prefer for your session using the tutoring request link below. The more days/hours you choose, the more likely your desired time slot will be available
  • Payment is required to confirm your session. (your time slot will NOT be held prior to payment. I apologize for this but I will not block another student from scheduling for a ‘maybe’)

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