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Why Go For Online Tutoring With Dr. Ramajayam?

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One on One Chemistry tutoring with a dedicated Chemistry tutor who stays with the student throughout

  • Specially Prepared Training Content which has been developed keeping the requirements of students in mind. Focus on clearing the basics of the subject to lay a solid foundation for knowledge
  • Reliable, state-of-the-art software using a shared whiteboard, Powerpoint Presentations, web content, and voice for teaching subjects.
  • Group Tutoring. Efficient and affordable tutoring with the tutor giving attention to each student. Peer learning achieves even better results.
  • Affordable Fee. Even lower fee for Group Tutoring
  • Free solutions for your questions in Chemistry.

Have chemistry questions that need answering? Just place your questions on the Online chemistry tutor Help Forum and become a part of them! The students and teachers at our forums will be happy to help you!

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