What is the best way to study for a Gate exam.

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GATE (Graduate aptitude test in Engineering) is a national level exam conducted for candidates seeking admission in post-graduate programs (ME, MTech, MS, Direct Ph.D.) offered at institutes of national importance, including IIT, IISC, etc.

Preliminaries for Exam

• Plan a Strategy – List out the syllabus of GATE. Identify your weak and strong areas and the key-scoring areas in the syllabus. Reading the syllabus provides an idea to dedicate and concentrate more on your weak areas and polish the knowledge of your strength areas.
• Resource collection – Find the best available coaching programs, books, e-books and
video lecture on YouTube.
• Take the mock test- Download previous years’ question papers and take a mock test even before you start to study for the GATE. It helps you to find out your key-scoring areas, weakness, and strength. Accordingly, you can plan for your timetable.
• Make a schedule- look into the syllabus, plan a timetable realistically.

Exam preparations are tedious. It goes without saying. To enhance the efficiency of your exam preparation, it is a must to stay healthy. A good sleep of at least 6 hours is a must and good food to stop you from falling sick during studies or on exam day. So, plan your schedule accordingly.


• Dedicate sufficient hours every day-stick to your timetable and cover the syllabus according to your schedule. The slight tweak in your schedule daily will have an impact on your preparation.
• Plan for a mock test every weekend. – make it a habit to schedule mock tests after every week after preparation. It gives an insight into whether you are in the right direction of preparation. Analyse your score and where you are lagging. Your score after each mock exam will show gradual improvisation.
• Self-motivation- Your preparation may take a hit added your score may reduce during the preparation stage. Never get discouraged and put consistent efforts to improve yourself. As we say, practice makes a man perfect, practice well and be resilient. Never give up halfway. That is the mistake many people make. Sharp your spade and start again. Better to give it a try rather than to have a regret.
• Stay consistent. – Consistency is one underrated skill that can do magic to your preparation. Your preparation must show consistency, be it 3 hours a day or 8 hours a day. Your way of preparation lays a foundation for your confidence to appear for exams.
• Maintain your health – Eat healthy food, drink lots of water, exercise for at least 20 minutes every day and have a sound sleep of at least 5 hours to stay physically and mentally healthy throughout your preparation and exam.

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