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What is the best way to prepare for the IGCSE Organic Chemistry exams?

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Be a good listener and sincere in your studies.

Sometimes, we tend to skip the topics thinking of knowing everything about it. The mind plays a trick to think expert on the concept. But when you sit and start your exams and recall for an answer, you may think you do know completely, but probably you are not. You can recollect nothing other than the heading of the topic. The only solution to erase this obstacle is a strategic approach to your studies.

So, when you are in the class, listen to the lectures sincerely. Your 75% of the study is covered there when you listen carefully to the lecturing. Take notes when you are attending classes on the subject. And take a summary note of what is most important such as an equation, the concept, etc. Your exercise book must fill with all study notes.

Every day, once you get home, recollect and review what you had learned in the class. Refer to the textbook or study resources to gain a thorough knowledge of the topic. Make a list of points on what you should know for that topic based on what you learned that day. Practice the reactions and calculations every day.

Follow this method unstuck and fix a specific time and duration dedicatedly after the classes for revision. It is advised not to spend more than an hour on this process. It becomes tough When you pile up all the notes to study for the last minute. You must know in and out of each topic to carry forward to the next. When you are unclear, seek help from your teacher.

Prepare the notes based on what works for you. It is not necessary to be colorful. It can be a simple word document built on bulletin points, segmentations, headlines, brief explanations, diagrams, formulas, and so on. Put it into visible easy to read form. It must not consume more time of yours in searching a specific topic when revision. Remember your notes must benefit you in easy search and recall.

Writing and practicing once is equal to studying five times. So, practice after each study, especially the reactions and formulas.

Practice Papers

Exercise questions at the end of each chapter are usually too simple and fulfill the purpose of painting your memory and testing the fundamental understanding of the lesson. Bear in mind that when you rely only on textbook exercise questions, it may lay a throne bed for the completion of an examination successfully. You must refer to the latest guides and jump into the real deal of practice papers. It may get you very far in the exam. Practice 1-2 practice papers every week for alternative subjects to build up the confidence in you instead of keeping it for the last moment. Increase the frequency of attending practice papers to 3-4 test papers per week as you proceed with your final month preparation. Time the exam when you solve the practice papers.

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When you solve practice papers, save a copy of the answer sheets. In final exams, they tend to ask different perspective questions on the same topic. They tend to repeat the same or similar questions across the years. So, their answers will also tend to be similar too. The saved answer sheets can help you combine the answer and get the best model answer for those similar questions. Even when you have a similar question in your final exam, it becomes easy to frame the correct answer in your mind and present it efficiently in your answer sheet. After finishing every paper and rectifying your mistakes, file it away. You can access it easily when you require it. If your background work is perfect, you will probably get right with your answers in the final exam. When you Articulate the answer the way Cambridge wants, it can put you at an advantage above the people.

And finally, we can hope to have a shortcut to success. However, there is no shortcut to your hard work. So, do not laze around, and put in your heart soul to fill your corners. You reap what you sow. Never regret later without giving your 100% during the preparation. There is no hard work in the world without a reward.

When you start your preparations early, you can finish them early and revise early.


Last-minute preparation works wonders only when you revise periodically. Your approach to study will alter the chances of you passing. Your revision plays a pivotal role in getting you a good score. Spend a minimum of 45 minutes – 1 hour of revision time every day for a minimum of 6 months to raise the grades in the exam. It helps you understand weak areas of the topic and seek help from the teacher to solve them. Practice every day to stick the math into your brain. There is no other way.
Have a good sleep and good food during your preparation time. Mentally prepare yourself to ace the exams and say to yourself ALL IS WELL.

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