Mix one chemistry tutor with one troubled student and what does one get? Success! Tutoring from somebody who fits your learning and who is aware of what the area of your academic wants unit will build all the distinction within the world for a student. To search out that good tutor although, you wish to form a technique for your search, instead of simply choose somebody randomly.

We are aimed to make the students capable of achieving high scores on SAT Test. We offer the best online tutoring for SAT 1 tests. Our approach to the preparation has made many students crack the SAT exam successfully.

What do we offer for SAT preparation?

  • Offer Practice recommendations
  • DR. R. Ramajayam is a Dedicated SAT trainer
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Practice lessons with Interactive session
  • Customized learning methods and lessons
  • Top scoring instructions

Why choose Us?



Plans are based on your power and weakness.



We have a set of teachers whenever you need a help



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Real Testimonials From Real People

Success stories

“"When the score came out, I was in shock. I scored the highest I've ever scored!! Thanks again Sir. I could not have achieved without your help.! I wish you all the best in the future!" Sandhya, Uttarkhand”

““With Dr.Ramajayam helpful videos, I received an 800 on the SAT Chemistry Subject Test. The clear, concise explanations really helped me understand my mistakes and correct them on the test!" Sreelesh, Kerala”

“My experience with Dr.Ramajayam has been excellent. Communication with the tutor has been excellent and teaching methods makes it super easy and convenient to communicate with the tutor. Nazeer, Delhi”

“Sir has been an excellent tutor who has helped my daughter develops confidence in Chemistry and to slow down and check her work. Has been very patient and calm and communicated very well about all tutoring scheduling etc. Vidya, chennai”

“After a few months of tutoring Ramajayam sir was able to turn my daughter's interest in SAT Chemistry around and bring her grade up. Dr is compassionate and fun loving in his teaching. Nivas, Andra pradesh”