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Research topic selection

It is always a challenging task to decide a research topic. A research student can choose any research topic according to their interest. Sometimes the research candidate’s interest only is not sufficient and it will lead us in unpleasant situation. Initially you may choose any two or three research projects as per your interest. Later you check out the feasibility of the projects in terms novelty, resources and other parameters. Organic Chemistry India will assist you in selection of interesting research topic which could be easily implemented.

Literature Collection

Organic Chemistry India assists in collection of exhaustive literature related to your research topic. The collection includes to date information about the research has been carried out on those areas. This literature collection and review will support your research hypothesis and topic selection. Our OCI expert analyze and organize the literature review or collection in such a way it will help you in finding a research gap, novelty and avoiding replication.

Research proposal

It is an outcome of your research topic selection and the literature survey. A completion of a successful research proposal is equivalent to 30% of your total research work done. Every academic organization has own standard protocol on research proposal. OCI can help out you in drafting a research proposal which will meet your demands. Research proposal includes the summary of literature review, origin of research, aim and objectives, research methodology and outcome of research. OCI experts will assist you in writing plagiarism free research proposal and the same is delivered in time.

Research data analysis

It will vary from domain to domain. In the chemistry discipline, for majority of the researcher feels easy to do bench work than data interpretation. Data analysis or interpretation requires sound technical and theoretical knowledge. Sometimes during the bench work there is always possibility of obtaining an unexpected or surprising result. It requires experienced professionals to interpret the results with your experimental conditions. We, OCI team are happy to help you in the interpretation of various spectra like IR, NMR, Mass and other spectral data related to the chemical compounds. In addition, we also help you to develop SAR studies related to any biological activity.

Research Thesis

Compiling all of your efforts in document form is highly critical and time consuming process. Many of the researchers are not able to meet the thesis dead line submission due to one or other technical or personal reasons. Here OCI comes to rescue from the difficult situation. Timely submission of research thesis will fetch you lot of advantages such as career advancement and settle down in your personal life. OCI offers the best and ethical services in your thesis writing. Periodically, you can interact with us to know the progress of your thesis writing and it can be edited or changed as per university ordinance. We maintain certain universal guidelines during your Ph D thesis writing such as language with grammar, format (font style, size, space, etc), plagiarism free, citation, etc.

Research Publication

Please remember that your research work never completes until it published in a reputed journal. A research paper is an outcome of your entire research work which includes your time, originality of your ideas, experimental details, results and conclusion your research. In simple way, results are documented and communicating the same to your scientific community. These details have been created as a document as per journal standards and it varies from journal to journal. The manuscript should prepare carefully since it is going to a public domain and it should be easily understand by the viewers and readers. So it is necessary to meet out certain technical standards along with good quality of English. OCI is ready to help you in the process of research paper publication from manuscript drafting to galley proof submission.

OCI Policies

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