We cannot match the learning methodology, credibility, and enthusiasm for teaching of Dr. R Ramajayam. Proudly possessing a Doctorate in organic/Medicinal Chemistry and highly passionate about teaching Organic Chemistry, he is academically brilliant and experienced, we ensure that the students excel through personalized learning, academic excellence, and clear concepts. He offers one of the best online platforms for students to NEET Chemistry from the Beginner-Expert level.

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“100% awesome. I was having so much trouble and this helped me pass my tests and gain more confidence in organic chemistry. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend the professor to all my friends!”

“Dr.Ramajayam was awesome. He gave me the exact information I needed and didn't ramble too much like some. He kept my interest and I'm ADHD. I feel more confident about my test now.”

“I liked this tutor because he even repeated the steps after we were done with the problem to make sure i understood it :)”

“"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has made amazing progress on her NEET scores after working with Dr.Ramajayam, our tutor. I have not seen my daughter this happy in months.”

“"My son just completed his final tutoring session with Dr.Ramajayam. I would highly recommend Dr.Ramajayam for any child's tutoring needs. He is very reliable and worked extremely well with my son. He and my son connected right away and had very positive tutoring sessions” Parent of 12th grader in Chemistry”