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Organic chemistry is one of those complex subjects that many students seem to have trouble grasping. As a core requirement for students interested in majoring in chemistry (obviously), but also for anyone who is preparing and planning to become a doctor and sees the MCAT or DAT on their horizon, organic chemistry tutoring has become a niche area where online organic chemistry tutor receives a fair number of tutoring requests.  Our organic chemistry tutors are strong communicators, capable of breaking down complex concepts with a focus on teaching the core skills you need to learn to perform well not just in your current organic chemistry course, but also in future more advanced courses or on future standardized exams like the MCAT or DAT.

At the same time, we recognize that you may be struggling to complete an assignment that’s due tomorrow or prepare for a near-term quiz or test, and so we balance core organic chemistry knowledge and skill development with getting you through your current class.

Our organic chemistry tutors are familiar with and comfortable tutoring classes that include:

  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry 1
  • Organic Chemistry 2
  • Advanced organic chemistry
  • Synthetic organic chemistry

“Our organic chemistry tutors are trained to keep the session focused on making evident progress and eliminating distractions a student could have whilst studying with their classmates. Overall, the education, training, and passion our tutors have will make the time and effort spent on the material decrease and the high grades their students are seeking achievable.”

Since there is such a broad range of information learned inside of an organic chemistry course, having the guidance of a private tutor will increase the personalized attention a student will receive.

online organic chemistry tutor has an elite group of individuals who are remarkably educated about the curriculum of both courses and are excited to increase the success and confidence of their students in the field of organic chemistry. Our online organic chemistry tutor is trained on how to assess their student’s current struggles and adapt their teaching techniques to most effectively help their students master organic chemistry. Because the curriculum of both classes is different, having an organic chemistry tutor that is self-assured of the material is important for our institution.

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