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Organic chemistry is one of those complex subjects that many students seem to have trouble grasping. As a core requirement for students interested in majoring in chemistry (obviously), but also for anyone who is pre-med and planning to become a doctor (or pre-dental and envisioning a dental career) and sees the MCAT or DAT on their horizon, organic chemistry tutoring has become a niche area where Organic chemistry tutor receives a fair number of tutoring requests.  Our organic chemistry tutor is strong communicators, capable of breaking down complex concepts with a focus on teaching the core skills you need to learn to perform well not just in your current organic chemistry course, but also in future more advanced courses or on future standardized exams like the MCAT or DAT.

Some online test-prep providers and remote learning websites rely on prerecorded videos providing no opportunity for live student-teacher interaction. Others rely on inexperienced instructors narrating prepackaged slides using antiquated technologies and standardized curricula without any customization.

organic chemistry tutor offers a live, dynamic, interactive, one-on-one online learning experience at nearly half the cost of comparable online instructors by using free, intuitive online white-boarding and live videoconferencing technology. We rely on our expert online tutors to design highly personalized remote learning experiences.  We begin every session with an empty whiteboard and end with a comprehensive set of instructor-generated notes illustrating that day’s lesson. After every online tutoring session students have the option to review their notes anytime in PDF form.


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