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Organic chemistry needn’t be all hard work and studying. Many folks have found ways to turn organic chemistry into their passion…for fun and fancy. This section is less a blog than a repository for interesting and entertaining explorations into organic chemistry and science. Enjoy!

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Before hiring a tutor, it is very important to understand why the child needs one. Is the child struggling with the homework? Do you want your child to ace GCSE or A-level exam? Is your child simply interested in science and you want to develop his or her passion?

An Organic chemistry online tutor can assist and guide you in this endeavor to maximize your understanding of the Chemistry material in less time than it would take you if you were to study on your own.

Organic Chemistry is a basic core science that includes the study of the compounds of carbon. In our surroundings, most things are made up of organic molecules. For example, the food we eat is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, medicines we take for disease, colors for clothes, various polymers, petrol for vehicles, LPG for cooking food, which is all organic compounds. Our life is totally dependent on organic molecules even our genetic material DNA and RNA are made up of organic molecules. Petroleum and coal are two major sources present in nature for simple organic compounds. Larger and more complicated compounds can be synthesized by using simple compounds as building blocks. Organic chemistry is fundamental to biochemistry and medicinal chemistry. We can subdivide organic chemistry into the following topics:

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