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There are a number of free chemistry courses available online. These courses may help you avoid paying costly tuition fees, but they don’t offer the opportunity of receiving credit. Here at Chemistry online tutor, you’ll find inexpensive online resources that can help you easily gain chemistry credit. Our animated video lessons teach chemistry topics at a far lower cost than at a traditional college. You can even review the video transcripts free of charge!

What is an online course in chemistry? Chemistry courses focus on how substances interact, their properties, and what happens when they combine to form new substances. Students may learn the basic principles of chemistry, the scientific method, and how to perform basic experiments while maintaining accurate records. Many programs focus on physical chemistry-related topics, although they may also delve deeper into more advanced topics from organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and chemistry’s role in society.

Students who take classes in chemistry may, with additional education or training, find success in a variety of science-related fields. They could pursue analytical chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, or chemical engineering. Some students may find their niche as healthcare scientists, science teachers, or research scientists. A firm foundation in chemistry is required in almost all scientific fields, so students have many different career paths available to them.

Finding a Chemistry online program to fit your needs is easier than ever before. Search for your program below and contact directly by filling in the lead form.


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