How To Do Well In Organic Chemistry?

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Organic chemistry needn’t be all hard work and studying. Many folks have found ways to turn organic chemistry into their passion…for fun and fancy. This section is less a blog than a repository for interesting and entertaining explorations into organic chemistry and science. Enjoy!

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Before hiring a tutor, it is very important to understand why the child needs one. Is the child struggling with the homework? Do you want your child to ace GCSE or A-level exam? Is your child simply interested in science, and you want to develop his or her passion?

Focus On Problem-Solving

Organic chemistry is about problem-solving. Two-thirds of your study time should be spent doing problems, not reading the textbook.

 Understand what your professor expects from you

It is very important to understand the requirements of your specific course at your school. The best way is to get a hold of the old exams from your professor or from another professor at your university teaching the same course.

 Prepare For Three Common Types Of Exam Problems

After each chapter in any organic chemistry textbook, there is a summary of all the reactions. The student needs to be able to draw the arrow-pushing mechanisms for all of the reactions.

One of the things that many students do not realize is that in organic chemistry everything is connected. If you studied epoxides last semester, it does not mean you can forget about it after the exam. It will come back to haunt you in the next semester.

I wish I could say that if you will be following all of these instructions you are guaranteed an “A”. Unfortunately, that is not true, as organic chemistry is a challenging subject.

But I can promise you one thing: you will get better at organic chemistry! There will come a day when all of a sudden you will hear a penny drop: it finally makes sense!


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