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How do I learn chemistry from grade 11 NCERT?

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The real struggle to study chemistry begins when you enter the 11th standard from 10th std. Your chemistry syllabus becomes vast, and it is not easy to handle without proper guidance. You must have studied chemistry in 3-4 chapters, but in the 11th standard, it comes as a separate subject altogether. Learn all the foundational chemistry topics to help yourself in the 12th standard and even in competitive exams. Don’t let backlogs happen. It reduces the efficiency of your performance. Give equal priorities for all three subjects of chemistry preparation.

For Chemistry
• Attend your classes sincerely.
• Understand each basic to the complex topic of chemistry. Clarify the subject topics with experts.
• Take note of important topics and the main points from each chapter.
• Read NCERT thoroughly. It has whole chemistry topics covered in it.
• Practice the questions dedicatedly.
• Chemistry is all about concepts and basics. Chemistry has three different parts (Organic, Inorganic, Physical)
• For Inorganic chemistry, you must read the whole chapter. Highlight or underline the important points. You must read highlighted lines 4-5 times during chapter read. Try to remember it.
• For Physical chemistry, you must revise your notes for once and do more practice of questions. And do all NCERT examples +exercise.
• For Organic chemistry, keep in mind all catalyst and their function, reaction condition, all reaction mechanism, and revise. Practice more questions from NCERT and another book.

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