How can I make preparations for the GAMSAT?

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The secret to GAMSAT success lies in the preparation approach. GAMSAT assess your analytical and reasoning skills rather than assessing your capacity to recall specific content.
It’s hard to know which areas the candidates find more difficult while preparing for the GAMSAT. Chemistry takes up the larger section of GAMSAT section 3.and the concepts and ideas covered are trickier and more difficult to work through. candidates from all background find, preparing for GAMSAT 3 is challenging.
Your approach to studying chemistry depends upon your current level of background knowledge. GAMSAT Section 3 is more of analytical assessment and reasoning skills in science context in the recent years. That has different implications for the students with chemistry background and who are less familiar with the chemistry.
GAMSAT is a tough exam to pass but with hard work it is possible to go through the exams in flying colours.
• Form a best strategy to study.
• Plan your start and end date for the exam preparation.
• Read the syllabus and understand. Carefully analyse the structure of the test and skills required for the all three sections.
• Scrutiny the types of questions asked in each section.
• Schedule the dedicated time for study and you must be aware of what you study in that time.
• Decide on what materials you need to prepare for the exam.
• Be consistent with your practice and testing through mock tests. attend mock tests in a timed interval before actual GAMSAT exam.
• Review your performance of mock tests.
• Revise what you had studied before attempting a mock test.
• Don’t neglect your health in the process of exam preparation. Meditate and deep breaths helps to keep your mind calm and stay focused.

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