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By December 10, 2020 No Comments

Is organic chemistry giving you stress? Are you annoyed with having to memorize dozens of structures? Organic chemistry is one of those topics that send students scrambling to a chemistry tutor to help them sort it out.

How would you prepare your students for organic chemistry? here are tips from an Organic chemistry tutor

Organic chemistry is one of the more memory-intensive topics in chemistry. The most challenging part of organic chemistry is to recognize the different reactions that can happen and the conditions that are used in these reactions. Drawing a mind map helps in these cases. If you need further help, you should use your own study cards and put the reactions on one side of the card and the conditions and reagents on the other.

This will enable you to test your own understanding of the topics. My main tip for organic chemistry is to build a mind map. Connect the various functional groups using the reactions that interconnect them. Draw your own mind map and you will be able to understand these reactions better.

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