Students who are keen on studying sciences or engineering normally take general Chemistry in their first year of school. Science is a fascinating and enthralling subject, and it is imperative that you consider your dimensions of readiness, intrigue, and inspiration before you register for classes. Given the challenges of learning science, it is additionally imperative for you to modify your Schedule with the goal that you will have sufficient time to concentrate on the course.

For years, students have asked us me if I can provide on-line tutoring, and currently, I tend to do. Historically, on-line tutoring platforms are notoriously unreliable; however, we tend to believe that the technology has finally trapped. In fact, on-line tutoring has some distinct


  • Stay at Home
  • A Shared Interface
  • Sophisticated Tools
  • Stored Lessons
  • Coaching when you need it
  • Parental Accesses

Real Testimonials From Real People

Success stories

“I really learned a lot from Dr. Ramajayam. He was a great teacher and made things a lot clearer to me. Abishek, Chattisgar”

“Dr. Ramajayam is Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for General chem. And organic chem. He doesn’t just skim topics. He actually helps you learn concepts and ways to apply it to your exams. Aarav”

“Ramajayam is very patient and explains the concepts very well. Great tutor!! The best at working with your time to accommodate the student. Hiran, Delhi”

“Professor helped me to understand concepts that I could not wrap my head around. He also showed me multiple ways how to approach or solve a equation. Pranay, Jaipur”

“Ramajayam is the best tutor I have had. He spent hours helping me understand basic chemistry concepts and he did not get frustrated if it took longer than usual for me to understand the material. Advika, Goa”