The GCSE Chemistry course that we provide is that the international version, conjointly referred to as the IGCSE, as this course is a lot suited to distance learning and may be taken by students in any country. By learning for this GCSE Chemistry course, students can develop a deep understanding of each organic and inorganic chemical process.

With robust information of chemistry ideas, learners will progress to any study or into a career that’s chemistry connected.

With our platform students can interact with Dr. R Ramajayam before finalizing the tutoring process, and select the best available home or online tutor based upon the requirements of the student. The student can look at the complete profile of the private tutor, look at the prices for the subjects on offer, talk with the tutor, and then narrow down on the choices.

Rekindle your love for chemistry with the virtual chemistry classes provided by expert GCSE chemistry tutors. We provide GCSE chemistry tutoring to help students prepare for chemistry exams for different boards and competitive exams linked to chemistry. We also prepare international students for IGCSE chemistry.
Chemistry is one of the fascinating subjects in science that describes and explains the world around us. Highly skilled and qualified chemistry tutors from have a wealth of experience to mentor and prepare students for GCSE and IGCSE exams.

We keep the tutor selection process transparent by allowing you to access the details of the private tutors, such as their complete testimonials and profiles, prices for the subjects, offers, and even you can talk to the tutor before selecting. Narrow down and handpick your mentor based on your requirement and choose the best tutor available for home or online tutoring after a prompt interaction with DR. R. Ramajayam.

IGCSE chemistry courses include
1. Principles of chemistry,
2. organic chemistry,
3. Inorganic chemistry,
4. physical chemistry.

How our Tutors Teach GCSE Chemistry

The methods and approaches our tutors use to teach the students are unique. Our tutors inspire the learners are to interact and engage during the sessions. We warrant our teaching methods are lively, engaging, interesting, and illuminating. Our chemistry tutor’s thorough knowledge of the subject is passed on directly to the learners with no leakage.

Our passionate tutors help students have a deep understanding of the subject and hone their skills in organic chemistry with the help of high-quality coursework, readings, exercises, video lectures, and discussion forums.

Our tutors mentor you from the examiner’s perspective and help you ace your exams in flying colors. They emphasize Quantitative problem solving to prepare the students for further study in chemistry. They even help you excel in the timing technique and mark scheme trends.

Online GCSE Chemistry Tutors options

Erase your stress with an excellent solution of chemistry online tutoring to find the best chemistry tutor tailored to your needs. Our online chemistry tutors use an integrated whiteboard for screen sharing with voice conferences. Unlike offline tuitions, you save time and energy by cutting off the travel time in online classes. Add on save 30% of your cash in online tutoring as compared with offline tutoring. The dedicated support f is provided for exams by our tutors.


Who are the GCSE Chemistry tutors? 

All our GCSE chemistry tutors have experienced professionals that have scored well in their GCSEs and A levels. GCSE chemistry tutors teach GCSE chemistry skills and help your child to enter the exam room with knowledge and confidence

Do I get to choose from your GCSE Chemistry tutors?

Yes, you do get to choose your GCSE chemistry tutors to suit your specific learning needs. We go to great lengths to make the tutor selection process transparent to you to find the tutor with whom you can get along well.

What is unique about our GCSE Chemistry Tutoring?

Tutors from are experts in the subject knowledge, and the methods and approaches to teachings are unique as they prepare you from the examiner’s point of view. The study materials provided are specification-specific. Our GCSE tutors give their 100% hard work to score well.

What feedback do your GCSE Chemistry tutors get?

All is well with our tutors. So far, all our students have had only good things to say about our GCSE chemistry tutors. We are happy to share the testimonial of our tutors on demand.

Why Do You Need An Organic Chemistry Tutor?

Organic chemistry has its presence in nearly every university. Organic chemistry is a rich science. A flood of content in organic chemistry overwhelms the students. You have to ace it if you aim to become a doctor, dentist, or veterinarian. That is why so many students perceive this science as an obstacle in their path. They fear it & they call it a weed-out course. The young people weed them out. There is universal anxiety about these two -ORGANIC CHEMISTRY- words. It should not have to be this way.

Shouldn’t The Lecturing Be Comprehensible To Easy This Science?

Yes. Basic knowledge of chemistry is valuable. It can be made accessible to everybody. It is a core and a window through which the beauty of the natural world looks richer.
Most students memorize the answers to the questions and fill the bubble during the exams. What is the point in passing an exam without having a basic understanding of the subject matter? It makes a lot of difference while considering the major. Several majors require you to be a pro in organic chemistry to progress to your Degree.
Organic chemistry is not something to be afraid of when you work with a chemistry online tutor. Professional guidance and coaching help you overcome all your worries and ignorance regarding the subject matter. At Chemistry Online Tutor, we believe in trying until you get on top of the subject knowledge. After all, every long journey starts with a single step. We train you until you ensure us of gaining a subject understanding to the core and score high in the exams. And start your Career having complete knowledge of organic chemistry concepts.
Finding an organic chemistry tutor eradicates all your struggle. With the help of experienced and knowledgeable tutors, you can boost your confidence and move forward. Their guidance and mentoring with extensive teaching experience can make you think out of the box. Appearing and scoring high marks in organic chemistry is a cakewalk with Chemistry Online Tutor support.

Real Testimonials From Real People

Success stories

“I can’t say enough good things. My son has been attending for almost a year and the results have been great. I love that they test him along the way so we can see his progress. The best part is he never complains about attending the class they make it so much fun. Lesley,UK”

““My daughter has gained in confidence and her chemistry knowledge has improved drastically. Dr has the right balance of professionalism and friendliness and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to contact Dr.Ramajayam.” Jessica”

““I would recommend Ramajayam for online tutoring without hesitation. He tutored my son and daughter in chemistry and both of them benefited enormously from his help and support. Abeer, UK”

““I would recommend Ramajayam for online tutoring without hesitation. He tutored my son and daughter in chemistry and both of them benefited enormously from his help and support. Abeer, UK”

“I passed my exam and have now started my degree. I can honestly say that without the support of Ramajayam I would not be where I am today. Lina”

Our GCSE Online Chemistry Teaching Locations

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GCSE Organic Chemistry in USA

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