Best Organic Chemistry

Best Organic Chemistry is the study of carbon and its compounds. Proteins, fats, sugars, nucleic acids are some samples of important organic molecules. However, chemistry also includes synthetic compounds, like polyesters, plastics, and countless other materials utilized in lifestyle. The difference between organic and inorganic compounds is not the presence of organic reactions, required for his or her combination.

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Connecting with an online chemistry tutor in virtual classrooms, the online organic chemistry tutor either takes the help of whiteboard sessions to draw the structure of compounds and elements or hooks up with students via chat. Different topics covered in chemistry are

• General basics
• Structure and bonding
• Intermolecular forces
• Chemical reactivity
• Atomicity and much more
• Functional group reactions like alkenes etc.

There are many other topics that are covered by an organic tutor in his one to at least one tutoring. He even helps students to figure on lab reports and research papers effectively.